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Together we lead the way into a more sustainable future.

To us, assuming responsibility means shaping the future beyond economic benchmarks – in accordance with the environment and societal demands. .
Wolf Tiedemann CEO of PreZero International
The PreZero Group is a modern environmental service provider dedicated to advancing circular economy with innovative solutions. The high standards we developed for our clients’ projects also hold true for ourselves. By being a trusted partner, we aim to support our clients in achieving environmental and economic success – and create 
a cleaner tomorrow together.
ca. 30 k
ca. 480
locations in 11 countries
4.6 M
tons recycable material

Our Value Chain

We offer various operational and consulting services as well as material treatment solutions.
1. Private and Commercial Customers
We work for private and commercial customers as well as municipalities.
2. Consulting
Our consulting services cover the entire value chain. We advise our customers on waste prevention, waste separation and product design. We also offer licensing...
3. Collection
We collect and dispose of various fractions of municipal and commercial waste for our customers, e.g., paper, plastics, and...
4. Pre-Treatment & Sorting
In the pre-treatment and sorting process, material streams are prepared for recycling and other recovery methods. Both are important starting...
5. Treatment
Considering the material stream and local infrastructure, we use appropriate treatment methods:
We recycle material streams such as plastics, aluminum...
6. Industrial Application and Packaging Solutions
The output from our treatment methods is utilized in the production of industrial goods, as an...

“In cooperation with our employees and partners, we work towards closing loops, we think innovatively, and protect the environment and the climate.”

Sustainability Key Topics

When we talk about sustainability, we refer to the common good in ecological and social terms and to limiting our use of natural resources while preserving these resources as best as possible. 

Our collective guiding principle summarizes our commitment to sustainability: In cooperation with our employees and partners, we work towards closing loops, we think innovatively, and protect the environment and the climate.

In order to achieve our goals, we identified four key topics to focus on in our Sustainability Report: 

Circular Economy

For a cleaner tomorrow, we actively help to shape all phases of the circular economy from design for recycling via the use phase to collection and recovery of material streams.

The circular economy is an integral part of our core business. From the initial design for recycling to the collection and recovery of materials, we actively contribute to the circular economy and its various stages. Through these efforts, we not only conserve resources, but also promote the utilization of secondary raw materials and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

This is in line with the Circular Economy Action Plan, a key element of the European Green Deal, which aims to decouple economic growth from resource consumption and enables the transition from a throw-away society to one that promotes reusing, repairing, and recycling.

Our Targets
We aim to achieve the highest possible quality standards for our recyclates.
We aim to significantly increase the amount of materials that are recycled, with particular focus on plastics.
We aim to expand our consulting services, advising our customers on design for recyclability, waste management, and waste separation.
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Climate Protection

For a cleaner tomorrow, we reduce our greenhouse gas emissions within our own company and along the entire value cycle through consistently improving our business.

Climate change poses enormous environmental and social challenges for the 21st century and requires action at all levels of society and business.

By developing smart recycling loops and saving primary resources, we aim to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions throughout our operations and along the entire value chain. Therefore, Climate Protection is not only a material topic of our materiality analysis but also a CSR key topic of the CSR strategy.

Our Targets
We aim to steadily reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.
We aim to increase the use of secondary raw materials.
We aim to increase our own generation of renewable energy at our sites by 2030.
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For a cleaner tomorrow, as a responsible employer, we create the foundation for future-oriented thinking in an attractive work environment.

Since being successful at our activities would be impossible without our workforce, our employees are important circular economy ambassadors. Our employees, who are mainly involved in operational activities, i.e., waste collection, sorting or street cleaning, contribute significantly to the material value change and constitute an important aspect of our holistic approach to sustainability.

To further encourage our sustainable development, our employees deserve constant access to valuable knowledge and continuous growth opportunities. This leads them, and the companies of PreZero Group overall, to sustainable success.

Our Targets
We aim to reduce critical accidents to zero by 2030.
We aim to offer equal workplace benefits to all employees.
We aim to enforce fairness, equal opportunities, and diversity across the PreZero Group.
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Partnerships & Innovation

For a cleaner tomorrow, we develop cross-sector approaches together with our partners and actively contribute as a driving force of innovative circular solutions.

Partnerships create an exchange between important circular economy players and lead to holistic solutions. Furthermore, they unleash a high potential for innovation, for example in recycling technologies.

As companies of PreZero Group, we are in exchange with various players from the private sector, academia, associations, initiatives, and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to harness these potentials. Being a trustful partner to these players has a positive impact on our business activities and our role as a sustainability companion.

Our Targets
We aim to actively contribute to innovative circular solutions.
We aim to support social projects that focus on inclusion and education.
We aim to support environmental protection projects that focus on circular economy and climate protection.
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“We are not only focusing on successful integration, but also on setting up a holistic sustainability management for the whole of PreZero Group.”

Discover What We Do 
in Different Countries

The Biotran Plant

Sorts waste of pharmaceutical drugs from 21,500 Integrated Medicine Management System points.

Barcelona, Spain | Country Website
Trusted Partner of Communities

PreZero Spain is the trusted partner of many communities whom they provide with a wide range of municipal public services.

Barcelona, Spain | Country Website
CNG-Powered Trucks

An increasing share of vehicles is powered by natural gas (CNG). Currently, the fleet in Poland has 28 CNG-powered trucks.

Educational Activities

In 2022, PreZero Poland reached around 40,000 participants with their educational activities.  

Water-Saving Truck

The sewer cleaning truck saves up to 40 m3 of water per day, in addition to reducing mileage.

Electricity from Solar Panels

Solar panels have been producing up to 25,000 kWh of electricity per year for the past ten years.

Norrköping, Sweden | Country Website
Power from Non-Recyclable Waste

The waste-to-energy plant in Roosendaal generates around 375,000 tons of non-recyclable waste into energy.

Roosendaal, Netherlands | Country Website
The Grünfinkpfad

Created by and accessible to people with disabilities: the nature and sensory trail in Löwenstein.

Löwenstein, Germany | Country Website
PreZero Polymers

The plant in Haimburg has a maximum capacity of 55,000 tons (output material) per year.

Haimburg, Austria | Country Website
Upcycling with Larvae

In California (USA), PreZero US utilizes Black Soldier Fly larvae on an industrial scale to upcycle organic waste. 

California, USA | Country Website
Gas for 35,000 Households

PreZero Spain’s biogas plant’s thermal energy capacity is 170 GWh per year.

Valdemingómez, Spain | Country Website
Soil Improvement

PreZero Poland has been manufacturing various soil improvers since 2002. 


In the FY 2022, ITPOK Poznań thermally treated 207,000 tons of the residual fraction of mixed municipal waste.

Poznań, Poland | Country Website
Plastics Sorting Pilot Project

The goal is to increase the amount of plastics recycled rather than being used in waste-to-energy plants.

Skara, Sweden | Country Website
Green Collective Initiative

The initiative brings waste collectors together and reduces waste collection traffic in city centers by as much as 50%.

Netherlands | Country Website
Lightweight Packaging Sorting

At the plant in Eitting, PreZero sorts 120,000 tons of lightweight packaging per year into 18 different fractions.

Eitting, Germany | Country Website
Combatting Plastic Pollution

Since 2018, we have been helping the WWF to develop a waste management system in Thailand.

Sorting with Highest Standards

Each year, PreZero Belgium sorts up to 80,000 tons of lightweight packaging at the Evergem plant. 

Evergem, Belgium | Country Website
Organic Waste to Compost

PreZero Portugal converts up to 60,000 tons of organic waste per year into high-quality compost. 

Porto, Portugal | Country Website
Trusted Partner of Communities

PreZero Spain encourages citizens’ involvement through environmental awareness and sensitization activities.